Derbyshire Tories Make Elderly Residents Pay Off Bankers’ Debts

At a recent Derbyshire County Council Scrutiny meeting Strategic Director for Adult Services Bill Robertson faced intense questioning from Labour members about the Council’s Adult Social Care budgets.  Each DCC department has been given target efficiencies (cuts) by the controlling Tory group that it has to make.  Bill Robertson has been handed down a £12m cut that he has to make in his department.  Mr Robertson claimed in the Scrutiny meeting that the department has already identified £11.5m in efficiency savings.  However, under pressure, he admitted that this figure included the £7m of income from the charges that the Tories have levied on vulnerable and elderly Derbyshire residents.

This outrageous confession means that vulnerable and elderly Derbyshire residents are being forced to pay off the bankers debts by Cameron’s Tories with Derbyshire Tory leader Andrew Lewer acting as the middle man.

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