Rally At County Hall: 18 April – Council Meeting

We understand a Rally has been organised to take place on the Terrace at County Hall before the Council meeting on 18 April.  The Labour Group are supporting this Rally and we ask as many of you as possible to attend to ensure that the Tories are under no illusions as to the strength of feeling about their disgraceful plans to shut down the DCC Youth Service, which will remove vital services for Derbyshire’s Young People and put 157 part time Youth Workers’ jobs in peril.
Both Katie Hanson, who started the petition, and Labour Group Leader Anne Western have formally requested that the Council meeting should start at 5pm to allow young people to attend and listen to the debate, but the Director of Legal Services has ruled that the constitution states Council meetings start at 2pm so that must take precedence over facilitating young people attending the meeting.
So the itinerary for 18 April is
12.30             Assemble on the County Hall Terrace
13.00             Speeches from Young People, Trade Unions, Youth Workers and Anne Western
14.00             Council Meeting

Don’t forget to bring your banners.  Let’s have a really good show!
Do you have a question that you would like to ask Cabinet member Lewis about his plan to destroy the DCC Youth Service?  You can submit a written public question which Cllr Lewis will have to answer in the Council meeting.  Once he has given his answer you can then ask him a supplementary question. You do not have to personally ask the question, but if you do not the Chair will put the question on your behalf and there will be no supplementary question.  You must submit your written question to the Director of Legal Services, John McElvaney, before 12.00 on Friday 13 April.  His email address is john.mcelvaney@derbyshire.gov.uk.  If you do submit a question can you copy it to us at DerbyshireLabour on alan.charles1@tiscali.co.uk
The Council agenda will take public questions and Councillor questions first followed by the debate on the petition against the destruction of the Youth Service.  The petition will be presented by Greg Roberts, pictured 3rd from the right, who is the Chair of the Eckington Youth Forum. The debate will take place after Greg has presented the massive public petition. It is possible that the Tories will try to time limit the debate.  To counter this Labour Group Leader Anne Western has submitted a motion that will be debated without restriction, but this will come at the end of the meeting.
This is Anne’s motion
This council recognises the high level of public concern about the proposals to close the DCC universal youth service.
This council requires the Cabinet Member for Young People to:
1.     Conduct a centre by centre review of DCC youth work to evaluate its effectiveness and value to young people
2.     Review the impact of part-time youth worker job losses on multi-agency team effectiveness
3.     Commit to a process of local dialogue with young people before any changes are introduced
We hope to see you on the Terrace on
18 April!

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