Youth service petition organisers ask for a review

Following the shambles in the 18 April Council meeting that considered the petition signed by 16215 people against the Tories decimation of the Youth Service, the petition organisers Katie Hanson and Greg Roberts have requested a review into how the petition has been handled.  During the Council debate the Director of Legal Services overuled the Council’s Constitution to prevent any decision or vote being taken regarding the petition.  The Council’s Chief Executive, Nick Hodgson has ruled that the review should be heard by the Resources Scrutiny Committee.  Labour members did a brilliant job when the committee met on 24 May winning all of the arguments.

Firstly the Tory members of the Committee couldn’t understand why the Chair of the Council George Wharmby could not remain and take part in the review.  However once Labour’s Kevin Gillott spelt out to them that he would be calling Cllr Wharmby as a witness into the review and that he couldn’t be a witness and part of the review process that the light finally switched on.  Cllr Wharmby then left the meeting.Labour Leader Anne Western then insisted that the first meeting of the Review Group should meet in Eckington in the evening to allow the petition organisers to attend along with other young people.  Under pressure from Labour’s members the Tories finally agreed to this.

Finally the Labour members insisted that the Committee write to the Council’s Cabinet asking that no further action on the Tories disastrous slashing of Derbyshire’s Youth Services until the Scrutiny Committee Review Group has produced its report.  Again under pressure the Tories agreed to this demand as well, probably to the dismay of their Tory Cabinet colleagues!

Labour’s members of the Resources Scrutiny Committee Anne Western, Kevin Gillott, John Williams and Joan Dixon .

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