Labour Fights For Young People

Labour Cllrs rally with young people to protect youth services.

Derbyshire’s young people have been hit hard by the Tories.  Thousands of young people in Derbyshire cannot find a job and see no hope for the future, and the Tory Government are only making this worse.

Getting young people into jobs is a key priority for Derbyshire Labour.  Kevin Gillott, Deputy Leader of Derbyshire Labour Group, said, “We listened to young people at our conference in Derbyshire, and will work with businesses to create jobs and opportunities for young people.  Derbyshire Labour wants a fair deal for our young people.”

We all want a good education for our children.  Derbyshire has always had excellent schools.  Derbyshire Labour is committed to strengthen the support given to our schools.  Tories want to spend millions of pounds opening so called free schools, but Derbyshire Labour wants to spend this money on local young people and local schools.  Ex head teacher, Mrs Harry said, “I am worried that the Tories are not looking after our children.  Let’s have the money where it is needed, in our schools.”

Derbyshire Labour listened to what young people said.  We fought hard to stop the Derbyshire Tories shutting 29 Youth Centres and making 157 Youth Workers redundant.  If elected this May, Derbyshire Labour will listen and stick up for Derbyshire’s young people against the Tory government.  We want a fair deal for Derbyshire’s young people.

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