Labour fulfills promise to invest an extra £250,000 in Young People

An extra £250,000 a year is to be invested in our youth services as Labour fight for a Fair Deal for Derbyshire.

Kevin Gillot, the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People.

Kevin Gillot, the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People.


The extra £250,000 is part of a new plan to invest in the lives of our young people and help support them in hard times.

The plan includes:

  • To Improve the information, advice and support offered to all young people
  • Strengthen support for vulnerable young people
  • Improve services with an extra £250,000 a year funding
  • Make savings for the taxpayer by keeping youth buildings which are most needed and useful but selling or transferring buildings that are not.

Derbyshire Labour have also made plans for a new careers service for schools which will offer individual advice to help young people make the most of their opportunities and find work or training.

In addition a new youth service review will be launched to find out what young people need and want.  Derbyshire Labour will listen to young people, staff and trade unions.

Commenting on the changes Councillor Kevin Gillott, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People said:


“Young people in Derbyshire have been hit hard by the Tory government.  They face record unemployment and low wages.  They’ve also been priced out of education through £9,000 university fees and cuts to the Education Maintenance Allowance.

It’s simply unfair that this can be allowed to happen whilst this April Millionaire’s were given a tax-cut.

This is the first time for generations that our children are worse off than their parents.  That is why we have a practical plan to help fight for a Fair Deal for Derbyshire.

It is more important now than ever before that we invest in our young people, secure the youth services they rely upon, offer them the best advice and encourage businesses to offer jobs and training.”

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