Labour reveal new gender balanced cabinet

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The Derbyshire County Council Labour Group has announced their new gender balanced cabinet to help deliver a Fair Deal for Derbyshire.

The cabinet has been reduced from nine to six members and the decision was agreed upon at the full council meeting on Wednesday the 15th May. The cabinet members will also be supported by new deputy cabinet positions that will be responsible for specific services.

Moreover, a scrutiny committee has been reinstated to keep a close watch on NHS services, and to challenge any proposed changes to local health services.

The roles of Chair and Vice-Chair have also changed. They will now be focusing on addressing health inequalities in Derbyshire and better management of council meetings.

These changes are helping Derbyshire Labour fulfil their promise to fight the Tory governments changes to the NHS which are costing millions of pounds, and address the health inequalities in Derbyshire.

Commenting on the cabinet changes Council Leader Anne Western said:

“We have an ambitious and exciting manifesto to deliver over the next four years.

“I’m really proud that we’ve got a strong team which has an equal mix of men and women to represent Derbyshire’s population and put our plans into action.

“Over the next four years we’ll fight for a fair deal for Derbyshire, listen to what people say, understand what they need and provide officers with strong leadership to deliver services which meet those needs.

“We’ll also champion our county, our residents, our heritage and our environment which all make Derbyshire a great place to live and work.”

The new Cabinet line-up is:

Strategic Policy & Budget

  • Anne Western, Council Leader and Cabinet member

Children & Young People

  • Kevin Gillott, Deputy Leader and Cabinet member
  • Jim Coyle, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Damien Greenhalgh, Deputy Cabinet Member

Jobs, Economy & Transport

  • Joan Dixon, Cabinet Member
  • Dean Collins, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Andy Botham, Deputy Cabinet Member

Health & Communities

  • Dave Allen, Cabinet Member
  • Ellie Wilcox, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Paul Smith, Deputy Cabinet Member

Adult Social Care

  • Clare Neill, Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Paul Jones, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Robert Davison, Deputy Cabinet Member

Council Services

  • Brian Ridgway, Cabinet Member
  • John Owen, Deputy Cabinet Member

Chair of the Council

  • Dave Wilcox

Vice Chair of the Council

  • Janet Hill


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