Landslide Victory for Labour

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Labour Promises a Fair Deal for Derbyshire

On the 3rd May 2013 the local election results were declared and Derbyshire Labour regained control of Derbyshire County Council after four years of Conservative rule in a landslide victory. When the results were declared Labour had 43 seats.  The Conservatives previously had 30 councillors, but this was reduced to 18, whilst the Liberal Democrats lost 4 councillors and were left with 3.

The new leader of the council Anne Western said: “I would like to thank the people of Derbyshire who have put their faith in Derbyshire Labour.  We will not let you down.”

“The people of Derbyshire deserve a Fair Deal and that is what they have voted for.  We have been up and down the county listening to people, and it is clear that they are fed up of this Tory government.

It is not fair that families are nearly £500 worse off because of the VAT hike, whilst millionaires are getting a tax cut.  It is not fair that the vulnerable and poor are getting hammered by the bedroom tax, and is certainly not fair that the people of Derbyshire are not being listened to by the government.

That is why we want to make sure that Derbyshire County Council is there to serve the people of Derbyshire.  Our job is to help people and that is why we have been elected.

After listening to people we realise that they are not unrealistic.  They know that we have to make cuts to the council because of the government’s cuts to our budget.  But the people in Derbyshire are not asking for the earth – they just want to be listened to and consulted. If we can do that better than what the Tories have done over the past four years, then I think we will do well.

I promise that we will listen and will fight the Tory government to get a Fair Deal for Derbyshire.”

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