Derbyshire Labour reinstates funding to Derbyshire Unemployed Worker’s Centre

Anne Western, Labour Leader of Derbyshire County Council, said that DUWC is essential for A Fair Deal For Derbyshire

Anne Western, Labour Leader of Derbyshire County Council, said that DUWC is essential for A Fair Deal For Derbyshire

Anne Western, the Labour Leader of Derbyshire County Council, will announce at the council’s next cabinet meeting (16th July 2013) that the council will be awarding a grant of £39,750 to Derbyshire Unemployed Worker’s Centre and £5,763 to The Trade Union Safety Team. This follows the previous Conservative administration’s decision to withhold funding in 2010.

Derbyshire Unemployed Worker’s Centre was established in 1983 and offers specialist welfare rights to unemployed, underemployed and unwaged workers.

Commenting on the awarding of funding, Cllr Anne Western said:

“The Tory-led government’s austerity policies are causing distress and hardship to thousands of Derbyshire people. At the same time, the local Conservatives cut off one of the best sources of support and advice when they stopped funding DUWC and TRUST.

As part of our Fair Deal for Derbyshire campaign, we want to help local people through these tough times.”

During the year 2011/12 DUWC dealt with 8385 enquiries in North Derbyshire and represented over 300 people at Appeals Tribunals.

Anne went on to say that:

“More and more people are using the DUWC because the Tory government has no plan for jobs and to rub salt in the wounds they are taking away people’s benefits, hitting us with the bedroom tax and causing living costs to soar.”

Colin Hampton the co-ordinator of the Derbyshire Unemployed Worker’s Centres welcomed the funding and said:

“We are over the moon that we now have a Derbyshire County Council that is putting people’s needs first. This funding is essential in helping the increasing numbers of people that are coming to us for help.

There are simply not enough jobs to go around and people are desperately coming to us for welfare advice. We are seeing people in work and out of work eating out of food banks and really struggling to survive. The simple truth is most people in poverty in Britain are in work but are either not paid enough or can’t find enough work.

This is a crisis and we’re glad we’ve got the funding to help people.”


  1. The decision to award the funding will made at the council cabinet meeting on Tuesday 16th July.
  2. DUWC offers specialist advice to unemployed, unwaged and underemployed workers. More information can be found here –
  3. The Trade Union Safety Team provides support to anyone suffering from industrial related diseases.
  4. The necessary report showing that most people in poverty are in work-

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