Derbyshire Labour take on legal loan sharks

Anne Western, Labour Leader of Derbyshire County Council, has announced that the council is taking action against legal loan sharks in order to protect Derbyshire people.

Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council.

Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council.

Anyone accessing payday loan companies on County Council Computers, including in libraries and the workplace, will instead by redirected to sources of secure, affordable loans such as Credit Unions and financial and welfare rights advice.

Over 1 million people use payday lenders with many families in Derbyshire and across the country spiralling into debt as companies such as Wonga charge over 2,000% on their loans.

Commenting on Derbyshire Labour’s recent action, Anne said:

“Many Derbyshire families have fallen victim to these legal loan sharks and are now struggling with huge amounts of debt because the Tory government has caused a cost of living crisis.  The price of the food and heating bills has rocketed; wages have fallen; V.A.T has been hiked, and now the train fares have been put up again.

It is not just families that can’t find a job that are getting into debt, but the cost of living and declining wages have meant families in work can’t afford to pay the bills either.  Yet because the government won’t do anything about it, families are borrowing money just to top up their wages and put food on the table!

It is shameful that we are the 7th richest country in the world but working families are borrowing money at 2,000% interest rate just to pay the basic bills, whilst David Cameron gives a tax cut to millionaires.

This is why as a local council we are trying our best to protect Derbyshire families from these legal loan sharks and help people borrow money safely.”




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