Labour Offer a Fair Deal for Derbyshire if elected next May

Cllr Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council.

Cllr Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council.

The Labour Party have today released a report which will offer a Fair Deal for Derbyshire if the party win the general election next May.  The report shows how a Labour government will devolve power and resources from Whitehall to local councils and develop people-powered public services.

At the heart of this New English Deal are five pledges to local communities: provide people with the care they need to live independently, give every young person the opportunity to get a decent job, increase community safety and reduce crime, help excluded families to overcome challenges for good, and give every child a good start in life.

Cllr Anne Western, Labour Leader of Derbyshire County Council was one of seven members on Labour’s Local Government Innovation Taskforce which drew up the report.  Commenting on its release she said:

“The Tory led government have forced a devastating £157m worth of cuts upon Derbyshire County Council.  This means public services such as road maintenance, care for older and disabled people, and support for children and families are all being lost.  That is on top of the privatisation of the NHS and cuts to the fire and police service.

Listening to people across Derbyshire I know they are fed up with the way things are but say no party is offering a real alternative, we are all the same.

Well this is a real alternative to just slashing public services or throwing money at a problem without fixing it.  We are offering Derbyshire people a reason to vote other than anger.  Power will be devolved back to Derbyshire people through longer-term funding settlements, access to more resources and the ability to tailor services to meet local need, rather than Whitehall telling us what to do.

Too many young people in Derbyshire are being left being without a job or education.  So we will promise to give every young person the chance to get a decent job and we’ll keep older and disabled people out of hospital by integrating health and social care.  This will prevent problems by caring for the whole person not just their individual conditions.”

Derbyshire is already leading the way with the county council, Derby city council and the eight district and borough councils forming a Joint Committee to share services and grow the local economy.  This puts us in strong position to bid for extra devolved resources and compete with the core cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield.

The links to the report can be found here:

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