A lot done, more to do and everything to lose

After successfully launching our County Council election campaign this month our members were delighted with what Labour has achieved in Derbyshire over the last four years. 

Millions of pounds of investment has created stronger and safer communities, despite the continued onslaught of Government cuts.  We wanted to let you know what we have been doing to support the people of Derbyshire.

We have supported a Derbyshire that cares, by introducing the Living Wage, creating hundreds of apprenticeships and introducing an employment charter to protect your rights at work.

We have invested in Highways and Transport, by spending millions of pounds on building works across our county to keep it looking wonderful.  Ensuring continued access to Gold Card services for our older residents and filled over 120,000 potholes.

We are committed to Education.  Over 80% of our schools are now judged Good or better by Osfted.  We have invested  millions of pounds in improving and renovating our schools and we have extended the B-line travel card to all 16-19 year olds in Derbyshire.

Labour have achieved so much in our four years running the council.  But we have much more to do which is why we want to keep the support of the people of Derbyshire to allow us continue our work.  Derbyshire has everything to lose.  We know the Tories would decimate public services in our County if they took control, we want to protect them.

Keep Derbyshire Labour.

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