Economy, Jobs and Transport

We will help businesses to set up and thrive in Derbyshire and make sure people have the right skills and training they need to work and earn a decent living. We will invest in the road, bus and rail network to enable people to travel for work and leisure. We will lobby to make sure Derbyshire receives a fair share of government funding.

Derbyshire needs a Fair Deal

January 30, 2013

Labour promises to  fight for a Fair Deal for Derbyshire.

Families in Derbyshire are struggling under the tory government


Anne Western, Labour Group Leader at Derbyshire County Council said, ‘Many Derbyshire people  are telling me how hard life is right now. They are fed up with the Tories making them tighten their belts when millionaires will get a tax cut in April. Meanwhile, people on low incomes have been hit by a VAT rise and the cost of food and fuel increasing.

People can see that we’re not all in this together. Cameron, Osborne and Clegg don’t understand and don’t care. They’ve never had to struggle to make ends meet. They’re also protecting councils in the South at the expense of the Midlands and North.’

On May 2nd it’s your chance to tell the Tories that we’ve had enough.

A Labour County Council will fight for a fair share of funding for Derbyshire and will use the council resources better to help you through these tough times.

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Food banks a sign Derbyshire needs a Fair Deal

November 4, 2012

These are challenging times for many of us. Household bills keep rising while many people are facing a pay freeze. Those who have a job worry about keeping it; those who haven’t despair of finding one. A year ago there were no food banks in Derbyshire. Now there are twelve. The help they provide, often to working families, prevents children going to bed hungry.  Things are especially tough for young people, with over 1 million unemployed.

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Rally At County Hall: 18 April – Council Meeting

August 25, 2012

We understand a Rally has been organised to take place on the Terrace at County Hall before the Council meeting on 18 April.  The Labour Group are supporting this Rally and we ask as many of you as possible to attend to ensure that the Tories are under no illusions as to the strength of feeling about their disgraceful plans to shut down the DCC Youth Service, which will remove vital services for Derbyshire’s Young People and put 157 part time Youth Workers’ jobs in peril.
Both Katie Hanson, who started the petition, and Labour Group Leader Anne Western have formally requested that the Council meeting should start at 5pm to allow young people to attend and listen to the debate, but the Director of Legal Services has ruled that the constitution states Council meetings start at 2pm so that must take precedence over facilitating young people attending the meeting.

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Tory education minister gives a slap in the face for every hard working school governor in the country

August 25, 2012

On Thursday, the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, made a speech to FASNA (Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association).Below is the section of his speech that relates to Governance, you can see the whole speech here.

The need for better governance:

And there is another area where I need to drive reform faster.


Good schools need good governors. And we have thousands of reasons to be grateful to those who give up so much time to help support school leaders in the work they do.

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