Derbyshire Labour A Lot Done More to Do Everything to Lose – 2017 Manifesto

Derbyshire Labour – A Lot Done More to Do Everything to Lose

Manifesto 2017

Our 5 pledges to the people of Derbyshire 


In 2013 the people of Derbyshire put their faith in us to protect their services.  We have achieved so much over the last four years, but there is always more to do.  We want to return another Labour Council in May to get those things done.

Despite unprecedented cuts hitting every corner of our county and every service, Labour Derbyshire County Council has worked hard to protect our most vulnerable residents – young and old, and families and to fulfil the pledges we made to you.It has not been easy, we have had to make some very tough choices.  But by working with local people and communities, by investing in Derbyshire people and Derbyshire services, by working with Derbyshire businesses we have been able to lessen the impact of £278m cuts with the Tories have handed down to Derbyshire people.

You the people and communities of Derbyshire remain at the heart of everything we are trying to do – from investing in schools or care homes, roads or railways, to regenerating coalfields and historic buildings and caring for our precious countryside.

Over the past four years we think we have achieved much, but we are not complacent.  There is always more to do, and we have a clear vision to take our county forward, building on the firm foundations we have laid.

Wherever you live in Derbyshire, your local Labour county councillor has been a strong voice for your community

It is clear that the Conservative government is intent on destroying our NHS, our schools and has little interest in ordinary people.  We cannot afford them to take control of our county again.

That is why we are seeking your support, and asking you to Vote Labour on May 4.

A lot done.  More to do.  Everything to lose.

Cllr Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council

Cllr Anne Western, Labour leader of Derbyshire County Council

Anne Western

Leader, Derbyshire County Council Labour Group.




We pledged:

  • A Derbyshire that works
    We used major projects, such as Markham Vale, to provide jobs and training opportunities for Derbyshire people; created 300 apprenticeships within the council and helped 70 local businesses to employ their own apprentices.

Hundreds of jobs created at Markham Vale

  • A Healthy Derbyshire
    We own and run our care homes – and are opening new ones with improved specialist dementia care; our home help service means we offer good quality care to people in their own homes

Brand new care facilities

  • A Safer Derbyshire
    Set up a network of safe places for people with learning disabilities and invested in new energy efficient street lights.

One of many safe spaces across Derbyshire

  • A Derbyshire that cares
    We have built new schools, new care homes and new libraries; and supported foodbanks, super kitchens and breakfast clubs.
Cllrs Jones and Cox outside the brand new Library in Heanor

Cllrs Jones and Cox outside the brand new Library in Heanor

  • A Local Derbyshire
  • Invested £1.2m in the voluntary sector, introduced the Thriving Communities programme to help communities to help themselves.
Council Leader, Anne Western, supporting local community groups

Council Leader, Anne Western, supporting local community groups



Labour has launched a council-run development company which is developing surplus council land to bring in much needed cash for council services.  The development company will look to redevelop the land and build new affordable homes at the same time as bringing in much needed cash for the County Council.  Councillor Andy Botham, Cabinet Member for Council Services, said: “With declining Government grants and increasing demand for services we need to find alternative ways of bringing in revenue.  By developing land we no longer need we will keep all the profits and invest in services for the people of Derbyshire.”

Councillors Andy Botham and Dave Allen Launching the Development Company

Councillors Andy Botham and Dave Allen Launching the Development Company


Labour has invested around £110 million in improving facilities for Derbyshire Schools.  Having top class facilities for our young people means that they will get the best possible start in life at schools.  Councillor Jim Coyle, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “Giving children a superb classroom environment will go a long way to ensuring great educational outcomes for our children for years to come.”

New school building at Aldercar

New school building at Aldercar


Derbyshire Labour recognises the community value of your local libraries which is why they have kept them all open and even invested in building new ones.  We are now one of the few councils in the Country to have protected our libraries.  We will further develop them as community hubs to put additional services in there for the convenience of Derbyshire residents and the sustainability of your library service.


Library at Chesterfield

Library at Chesterfield


Derbyshire Labour supports businesses large and small to create jobs.  We welcome the recent decision of Toyota, one of our longstanding partners to invest £240 million in upgrading their Derbyshire site securing thousands of jobs into the future.  Alongside this Labour has delivered a small business programme which has safeguarded and created well over 600 jobs as well as developing the Markham Vale site creating a further thousand jobs so far.  Council Leader, Councillor Anne Western, said: “Economic regeneration and job creation means we can provide many more opportunities for Derbyshire people and create a strong local economy.”

Clls Collins and Western at Markham Vale

Clls Collins and Western at Markham Vale


Labour continues to fund the voluntary sector to the tune of £1.2 million to support Derbyshire people who need it most.  Assistance has been provided to organisations including Derbyshire Law Centre, community safety projects, mental health advocacy projects and many more.  Councillor Dave Allen, Cabinet Member for Health and Communities, said: “Providing financial support to voluntary sector organisations means that they can assist many more residents in our county the help they need.”

Cllr John Frudd supporting a local community group

Cllr John Frudd supporting a local community group


Derbyshire Labour understands that the price of energy is often unaffordable for hard working families.  That’s why that we are setting up an energy company to provide low cost gas and electricity to Derbyshire residents.  Cllr Anne Western said: “We want to reduce fuel poverty in our county and ensure everyone has access to affordable utilities.  We will be introducing this exciting scheme soon.”



If the Tories are elected to run Derbyshire in May, they will:

  • Sell-off or close our care homes; privatise our home help service.
  • Privatise our schools.
  • Cut the county’s youth service and end the B-line scheme.
  • Turn off street lights.
  • Tory council bosses want to scrap the winter fuel allowance and bus passes.
  • Break up our county, destroying the services that you and your family have relied upon for more than 100 years.

In the words of the current Leader of Derbyshire Conservatives they will cut harder and faster.


A Lot Done More to Do Everything to Lose.

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